Experience + Science = The most advanced IVF available

Since the first IVF baby was born in 1978, scientific advancement in the field of in vitro fertilization has enabled millions of families to welcome children into the world. If you’re looking for IVF in the Venture County or Las Angeles area of California, you’ll find the most advanced treatment here. Together, our experienced reproductive endocrinologists and highly skilled laboratory team maximize the capabilities of today’s advanced assisted reproductive technologies to grow families.

How IVF works

IVF is a highly effective fertility treatment for men and women facing complex infertility diagnoses. The in vitro fertilization process involves removing some of a woman’s eggs so that they can be fertilized with sperm in controlled conditions inside an IVF laboratory. Through this complex process, we can create embryos that can later be transferred to the uterus of the hopeful mother or a gestational carrier to achieve pregnancy.

Step-by-step, the process looks like this.

  • The woman prepares for egg retrieval by taking a series of medications designed to boost production of multiple mature eggs at the same time.
  • When the eggs are ready, our reproductive endocrinologists will carefully remove them in a quick procedure under light anesthesia. After this procedure, the woman will continue taking medications to prepare her uterus for pregnancy.
  • The eggs are combined with sperm in our IVF laboratory and monitored over several days as those that are successfully fertilized develop as embryos.
  • If necessary, genetic testing can be performed once the embryos reach the right developmental stage. Available tests can check the embryos for specific inherited genetic diseases or chromosomal abnormalities, so that only the healthiest embryos are chosen for transfer.
  • Your physician transfers a single embryo to the prepared uterus, then follows up over the following weeks with a pregnancy test and ultrasound monitoring. Any remaining embryos are cryopreserved for future use.
  • Once an ongoing pregnancy is established, we transfer care to the woman’s OBGYN, and the pregnancy is treated just like any other.

If you’re seeking IVF in the Thousand Oaks area, you will be happy to know that our fertility specialists have achieved remarkably high success rates. This means that you don’t have to travel far from home or fight traffic in the big city to access the most advanced in vitro fertilization technology and experience available today.

Are you a candidate for in vitro fertilization?

IVF is an excellent fertility treatment in certain cases, making it possible for people to overcome difficult fertility problems and go on to have the families they dream of.

  • Severe male factor infertility, in which few healthy sperm are present to fertilize an egg
  • Blocked fallopian tubes, which can make it impossible for fertilization to occur naturally
  • Diminished ovarian reserve, in which there is a small number of available healthy eggs to be fertilized
  • Women who need donor eggs and/or a gestational carrier to achieve pregnancy using their partner’s or a donor’s sperm
  • Family-building for same-sex male couples or single men, using donor eggs and a gestational carrier

If you’re ready to have a baby, but have been struggling to conceive, don’t wait to get help. As with all fertility treatments, the chances of IVF success often go down the longer you wait. For women younger than 35, we recommend that you see one of our fertility specialists if you’ve been trying for one year without success. If you’re 35 or older, your timeline is shorter: Come see us after six months of trying to conceive.

Make an appointment now to start your fertility testing and find out if you’re a candidate for in vitro fertilization.