Treatment starts with finding infertility causes

There are many potential infertility causes, and pinpointing these issues is the key to creating a successful fertility treatment plan. Because no two cases of infertility are exactly alike, our LA fertility doctors leave no stone unturned in diagnosing what causes infertility.

For a couple to become pregnant, several things must happen at exactly the right time. The woman must ovulate an egg, and the man must deliver sperm to fertilize the egg right before or just after ovulation. Then, the fertilized egg must travel through the fallopian tube to the uterus, where it must implant into a healthy uterine lining and begin to grow into an embryo. The woman’s body must then release the right hormones in the right amounts to support the pregnancy and allow the embryo to develop into a fetus. If there is a problem at any point in this process, a successful pregnancy is difficult to achieve.

Common infertility causes

Infertility is sometimes thought of as a woman’s issue, because it’s the woman who doesn’t seem to be able to get pregnant or stay pregnant. But in reality, infertility causes can be a complex combination of factors involving one or both partners.

  • Male factor infertility, which could be a sperm issue or related to dysfunction of the male reproductive organs
  • Irregular ovulation or lack of ovulation
  • Low supply of good-quality eggs, also called diminished ovarian reserve
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Structural issues with female reproductive organs, such as scarring, birth defects, fibroids or other abnormalities
  • Hormone issues that can make it difficult for a woman to maintain a pregnancy
  • Genetic problems with eggs, sperm or embryos
  • Certain medical conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, or damage caused by prior chemotherapy or radiation treatment

Treating what causes infertility

Finding the answer to what causes infertility is the first step in treating the issue or issues that are getting in the way of successful conception and pregnancy. When you make an appointment with our LA fertility doctors, we listen to your concerns and perform comprehensive fertility testing to identify any specific infertility causes.

The good news is that once we find out what causes infertility in your case, we can offer you excellent treatment options that can help you overcome your infertility and put you on the road to parenthood.

Don’t wait to get the answers you need to make your dream of parenthood come true. Contact us to get started.